Decking has become increasingly popular in the UK recently and is at the top of most people’s lists when deciding how to create some living or entertaining space outside.  With a wider and more accessible range of materials, a stunning decking feature in the garden is well within most people’s budget these days.

Decking is very versatile, not just for creating spaces within your garden, but can also be used to create paths or walkways, or simply adding dimensions to your garden by way of raised decks. Decking can also be used to create raised vegetable or flower beds.

At Ivy Maintain & Develop, our decking is designed and built by our dedicated and reliable team who aim to provide the best quality service possible. We source only the highest quality materials to ensure a long lasting outdoor living space. We can combine your decking desires with a well thought out garden lighting plan, to create a stunning and perfect place to relax and entertain that will make you the envy of friends, family and visitors.

At Ivy Maintain & Develop we work with your exact Decking needs. If you have a design already planned out, we can build to your specifications. If you are not quite sure what look you want, we can plan the designs and suggestions for you.

We will cost out the project for you and present you with an estimate, whilst also offering free, non obligatory quotes and estimates.

If you would like to enquire about decking in Essex, please call us today and we will be able to discuss the best options for your requirements.

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